May 05, 2016

Why Are You Still Using Spreadsheets for Production Planning & Scheduling?



Are you still spending time on spreadsheets adjusting production plans and schedules? If so, you are not alone. Lora Cecere (Bumps, Cracks and Opportunities Forbes, May 20, 2014) says that it is a dirty little secret' that production planning and scheduling often continues to be done on spreadsheets, despite the money and effort invested in software. Sometimes software solutions are adjusted' in spreadsheets; at other times they are set aside altogether in favor of spreadsheets.

Why does this problem persist?

It is simple: most scheduling software is only capable of creating partial and sub optimal schedules. The shop floor cannot execute them, so production control is left scrambling to find a spreadsheet alternative! If the solution does not address all essential details, then those who matter most cannot use the schedule: the shop floor.


With Optessa, you can say goodbye to spreadsheets, and hello to ease of scheduling. Optessa technology is easy to slot into your existing processes. Optessa can refine your current system, or replace it – either way you save on time and effort.

Optessa solutions are based on the idea that if the model is comprehensive, if all essential details are addressed, then the solution will be usable by the plant. Optessa's focus is to deliver complete solutions that address real life problems by considering all of the rules applicable to production environments. Optessa's solutions can be executed without the need for manual interventions and repeated iterations.

How Does Optessa Achieve These Results?

Optessa uses modern, patented technology to rapidly find an optimal solution. Our approach generates feature-based and capacity-based multi-plant plans and detailed schedules by considering demand (sales orders with unlimited features), master data (products/parts, routings, bills of material) and constraints relating to manufacturing, suppliers, and demand. This comprehensive approach means that Optessa planning and scheduling solutions are easy to implement and effective in a variety of industries.

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