What Is Production Scheduling?

what is production scheduling

The term production scheduling refers to allocating resources, raw materials, and processes with the aim of maximizing efficiency.  This process is optimized in a manufacturing scheduling software system and is focused on making the entire manufacturing process seamless.  Production scheduling balances production needs with available resources in the best manner possible.  This is often done with manufacturing scheduling software that integrates with an ERP and MES system, accounts for all production constraints, and produces production plans in real-time.

Why is Production Scheduling Important?

In manufacturing, production scheduling helps manufacturers get accurate and real-time production schedules. It also assists in decision-making and accurate estimates of production quantities.

Manufacturers use production schedules to achieve many planning objectives, including calculating the availability of capacity, availability of raw materials, and the formulation of management goals and policies.

Scheduling creates efficiency in the entire manufacturing process. By optimizing just about everything, including production cycle and delivery, production scheduling minimizes lead time (time to deliver orders).

Production Scheduling Tools

Even today, many enterprise manufacturers use production scheduling templates in excel.  This type of scheduling tool is quite outdated.  Fortunately, many operations are now learning about the benefits of Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) Software. Manufacturers need APS software to meet modern-day customer demands for variety and fast delivery time. APS software also ensures manufacturers are able to reduce costs while ensuring factors like quality aren't affected. Good production scheduling software will also save time while offering unmatched flexibility in an ever-changing business environment.

APS software is designed for fast and easy integration with other software, like enterprise resource planning software and manufacturing resource planning software.  It extends the planning and scheduling capabilities of these manufacturing systems, making them more accurate, flexible, and efficient.

As the main production scheduling tool, APS software will create schedules that balance manufacturing efficiency perfectly and deliver. The software also enables data-driven decision-making, creates clear resource capacity, synchronizes supply and demand, and increases revenue.

Manufacturers need APS software to take manufacturing to the highest level possible. APS software can analyze operational data, present in ERP systems to come up with valuable insights critical for making more informed decisions and gaining that much-needed competitive advantage. However, not all APA software is ideal for production scheduling.

Choosing The Best Production Scheduling Software

Optessa is an advanced planning & scheduling software being used today by many Fortune 100 manufacturers to boost manufacturing efficiency. Unlike other APS software available today, Optessa stands out for offering unmatched speed and accuracy. Optessa's proprietary fast optimized technology allows manufacturers to create accurate production plans and schedules within seconds.

It is possible to pinpoint exactly what can be manufactured, where, and when it can be made while considering multiple variables, constraints, and business goals. The software's library enables manufacturers to target line-specific, attribute-specific, and time-window-specific constraints. The software has helped global manufacturers like Honda, Nissan, GM, and Ford control costs, reduce order delivery times, maximize throughput, and function optimally with a leaner inventory.

Optessa for Production Scheduling

Optessa has a comprehensive constraint library, a powerful optimization engine, flexible data models, and turnkey solutions ready to be implemented. The software is also incredibly fast and accurate.

Besides production scheduling, Optessa also offers other solutions like planning, sequencing, real-time optimization in a variety of industrial applications like service applications, process industries, and discrete manufacturing. Try Optessa NOW.

Manufacturing Production Schedule

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