Mar 22, 2021

The Drive Towards a More Digital Organization



A major global Auto OEM was faced with a mission-critical challenge to replace its legacy technology for vehicle order scheduling and sequencing.  With new assembly plants coming online along with increases in production complexity due to evolving model content and production mixes, the current technology solutions were no longer capable of sufficiently addressing the scheduling challenges for this top automotive OEM. 

From diverge/merge lines to multi-tone paint schemes and plants with complex pattern constraint requirements, the current solutions continuously yielded less than optimal results thus requiring end-users to spend hours daily to manually correct the output and help keep the production schedules feasible for manufacturing.  This was no longer sustainable for the operation.

Developing the Solution

Optessa Inc proposed implementation of its planning (slotting) and sequencing solutions to address these challenges.  Over the course of several months, both Optessa solutions were successfully deployed for all vehicle manufacturing facilities in North America and immediately started generating optimal plans and schedules.  Execution of the project helped to improve horizontal and vertical alignment across the Sales, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing business teams leading to an increased capability to achieve business objectives. 

The scope of increased capability yielded a broad range of benefits such as the ability to react quickly to sales and manufacturing changes, shorter lead times for new model launch preparations, improved schedules with better adherence to sales demand requirements as well as manufacturing build restrictions, and much more. 

Furthermore, through the extensive functional and technical capabilities of Optessa and its powerful optimization engines, this OEM's business users were able to achieve high-quality outputs in significantly less time through automation with minimal human intervention.  Manufacturing immediately began to see positive results through increased throughput (reduced constraint violations) and cost reductions (improved blocking requirements) for better production efficiencies.

Business Results & Outcome

The Optessa solution became a key enabler in this OEM's ongoing company-wide strategic initiative to drive towards a more digital organization.  With its modern technical architecture, intuitive user interface, intelligent optimization engines, and data visualization functionality, the value of the Optessa solution was quickly recognized and the products are now being deployed at plants across the globe for this customer.  With Optessa in place, this industry-leading automotive OEM will be able to address its ongoing planning and sequencing challenges for many years to come.

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About Optessa

Optessa is a leader in intelligent planning, sequencing, and scheduling optimization software with many successful implementations among top tier global manufacturers. Optessa products have wide applicability in industries as diverse as auto OEMs, suppliers, power equipment, electronics, semiconductor, mills; batch process industries such as food and beverage and paints as well as shipping and logistics. The company has offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Hazlet, New Jersey, USA and Goa, India. Optessa's leadership team combines deep expertise in software, mathematics, manufacturing, and optimization technologies with unmatched customer commitment. Optessa supports global deployment at more than 100 distinct manufacturing facilities and production areas. We also partner with industry leaders, Deloitte and Tech Mahindra, to further enhance our client support.

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