Patented Sequencing algorithms Delivering Optimal Solutions

Sequencing rules for assembly lines can be varied and many. These rules are pivotal in reducing costs while maximizing the average line speed and throughput.

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Key Features

Our patented algorithms, utilize modern optimization techniques to remove the complexity from sequencing problems.

  • Single-Line or Multi-Line Sequencing
  • Integrated Batching and Sequencing
  • Virtual Flow Line

We have been in live, continuous use at the world's largest OEMs since 2003. Through the years we have supported, out-of-the-box, countless unique and complex sequencing requirements making us the world leader in sequencing solutions.

Flexibility and Empowering the Customer

The business requirements of our clients have evolved significantly forcing legacy systems to become obsolete. Optessa’s invests heavily in R&D to ensure we are meeting the ever-evolving requirements of our clients:

  • Zone Specific Sequencing Rules Addressed in a Single Optimization Run

  • Multi-Zone Sequencing with Varying Production Rates

  • Optimization Across Multiple Lines

  • Extended Lead Times for Select Parts for Quality Control & Second Pass Processes

  • Complex Topologies with Merge & Divide

  • Zone Specific Sequences Resulting from Buffers & Extended Lead Times

  • Unique Interactive Graphic and Chart Visualizations

  • Intelligent Analytics for Result Review

  • Drag & Drop Capability with Instant Impact Analysis

  • Powerful 'What-If' Scenario Management

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