Real-Time Optimization

Automate Event-Driven Re-Planning or Re-Scheduling
Legacy systems depend on simplistic heuristics to re-plan and re-schedule in response to changing conditions. In contrast, real-time scheduling optimization brings the full descriptive and analytical capabilities of our system to restore the optimality of the executed outputs.
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Real results

Key Features

This unique solution for event-driven re-planning and re-scheduling that is a key enabler of your digitalization process. 

The system is integrated with any ERP, MRP, MES, tracking, or control systems and combines predictive optimization with tracking of upstream events.

Prepare For and React to Ever-Changing Conditions Including:

Supply Chain Disruptions
Deviations from Plans & Schedules
Impact of Quality Control Decisions
Fluctuating & Volatile Demands
Optimize Financial KPIs
Unscheduled Capacity Adjustments
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Our Differentiators

Industry Leading Digitization Practices
Powerful Optimization Engine - Generate optimal decisions within the time window constraints
Flexibility - Enable as late as possible response decisions
Throughput Improvement - Synchronize upstream and downstream schedules to maintain high throughput
Stability - Accommodates changes while minimizing impacts on existing plans and schedules
Late Order Handling - Reduce late assignments of the sales orders to jobs (e.g. exterior color to car model)

what our clients say

They are one of the best vendors we have ever worked with. Their support is second to none.

Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Senior Systems Administrator
The Optessa training was very good. The tool it is easy to use and provides different dashboards to perform analysis.

Global Industrial Manufacturer

Production Planner
Throughout every step of the process, each Optessa contact has demonstrated a great depth of knowledge and professionalism. Their focus has always been and continues to be their customer.

Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Director of Operations

World leader in providing end to end solutions to the largest and most respected global brands

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