Real-Time Optimization for Industry 4.0

Legacy systems depend on simplistic heuristics to re-plan and re-schedule in response to changing conditions. In contrast, real-time optimization (RTO) brings the full descriptive and analytical capabilities of our system to restore the optimality of the executed outputs.

worker using technology to monitor robot work

Key Features

This unique solution for event-driven re-planning and re-scheduling that is a key enabler of your digitalization process. 

The system is integrated with MES, tracking, or control systems and combines predictive optimization with tracking of upstream events.

Prepare for and react to ever-changing conditions including:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Impact of Quality Control Decisions

  • Optimize Financial KPIs

  • Deviations from Plans & Schedules

  • Fluctuating & Volatile Demands

  • Unscheduled Capacity Adjustments

Industry-Leading Digitization Practices

Our optimization technology and unique real-time architecture address real-time event-driven needs in diverse manufacturing industries. Our differentiators:

Powerful Optimization Engine - generate optimal decisions within the time window constraints

Flexibility - Enable as late as possible response decisions

Throughput - synchronize upstream and downstream schedules to maintain high throughput

Stability - the system accommodates changes while minimizing impacts on existing plans and schedules

Late Order Allocation & Substitution - late assignment of the sales order to a “job” (e.g. exterior color to car model)

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