Intelligent Planning to Form the Foundation for Reliable Supply Chain Management

Attribute-based planning and highly configurable constraint definitions give you the flexibility to model production, supplier, and logistic limits to serve as a reliable reference point in the supply chain.

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Key Features

Support enterprise-wide or in-plant level order selection and allocation with reliable, high-quality plans at the level of:

  • Single or Multi-Operation
  • Single or Multi-Stage with Managed WIP
  • Alternate lines with preference definition 
  • Auxiliary resource limits per operation

Specifically configured for planning in a demand-driven environment, the software generates the ‘guaranteed’ optimal solution to any problem.

  • Master Production Scheduling

  • Enterprise-wide order selection and production source allocation

  • Available to Promise (ATP)

  • Demand Capacity Matching

  • Order slotting to achieve perfect production leveling across many order features

  • Supply Network Planning

  • Order Selection to Maximize Production Capacity & On-Time Delivery

  • Optimal Blending & Recipe Generation

  • Project Prioritization to Optimize Financial KPIs

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