Production Planning

Intelligent Planning to Form the Foundation for Reliable Supply Chain Management

Attribute-based planning and highly configurable constraint definitions give you the flexibility to model production, supplier, and logistic limits to serve as a reliable reference point in the supply chain.

Key Features

Support enterprise-wide or in-plant level order selection and allocation with reliable, high-quality plans at the level of:

  • Single or Multi-Operation
  • Single or Multi-Stage with Managed WIP
  • Alternate lines with preference definition 
  • Auxiliary resource limits per operation
planning dashboard

Real Results

300 percent improvement in material stability

Improvement in Material Stability

600 percent improvement in solution quality

Improvement in Solution Quality

Planning Uses

Specifically configured for planning in a demand-driven environment, the software generates the ‘guaranteed’ optimal solution to any problem.

Master Production Scheduling
Demand Capacity Matching
Supply Network Planning
Order slotting to achieve perfect production leveling across many order features
Enterprise-wide order selection and production source allocation
Order Selection to Maximize Production Capacity & On-Time Delivery
Ability to Promise


"The Optessa training was very good. The tool it is easy to use and provides different dashboards to perform analysis."
Production Planner
Global Industrial Manufacturer
"Optessa is dynamic system and it's very easy to use. It adds a lot of value to our planning process."
Enterprise Architect
Global Fortune 100 Manufacturer

World leader in providing end to end solutions to the largest and most respected global brands.

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