Key Differentiators

Driving Measurable Benefits for Our Clients



Comprehensive, “out of the box” functionality to support a full range of planning & scheduling applications


Limited; required functionality has to be “custom-developed” with separate solutions required for Planning & Scheduling

Output Quality


Schedules generated by proprietary solver based on modern optimization heuristics, yielding optimal schedules


Schedules generated by “greedy heuristics” or LP/IP methods that result in sub-optimal quality

Complexity & Speed


Unique ability to model and solve all real-world constraints, without the need for manual intervention


For large problems can handle only a subset of constraints

Model & Scope


  • Out of the box support for 23 constraint types capable of modeling all real-world production rules
  • The scope can range from enterprise-level to every tier with fully interconnected models


Limited to a few constraints

Material Stability


Unique bias capabilities that minimize the impact of rescheduling, enhancing material stability


Plans and schedules are not robust – can change with every iteration

Enhancements & Evolution


Optessa invests in R&D and continuous improvement


Custom applications are limited and cannot evolve

Real Results

10 percent increase throughput

Increase in Throughput

25 percent reduction in changeovers

Reduction in Changeovers

50 percent reduction in delivery lead time

Reduction in Delivery Lead Time

25 percent increase in selected orders

Increase in Selected Orders

600 percent improvement in solution quality

Improvement in Solution Quality

33 percent reduction in finished goods inventories

Reduction in Finished Goods Inventories

Achieved Benefits for Our Clients

The lower total cost of ownership
One product to meet all business objectives across manufacturing tiers, plants, and production areas
Flexibility to handle changing plant conditions through reconfiguration
Optimal outputs through fewer production rule violations
Model and solve all real-world constraints, without the need for manual intervention
Stability within the plant and across the supply chain
Reduced WIP & material inventories
Meet ever-evolving requirements
Rapid ROI


"Optessa is dynamic system and it's very easy to use. It adds a lot of value to our planning process."
Enterprise Architect
Global Fortune 100 Manufacturer
"The Optessa system has the flexibility required to adapt the production process to versatile demands on sales orders."
Production Manager
Fortune 100 Manufacturer

World leader in providing end to end solutions to the largest and most respected global brands.

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