Optessa RTS: Real Time Sequencing & Scheduling

RTS is Optessas on demand Real Time Scheduling software

Optessa Real Time Scheduling (RTS) is a unique solution for the real-time event-driven scheduling needs of modern automated manufacturing plants in diverse industries such as automotive, semiconductor, batch processing etc. and also in warehousing / logistics operations to enable optimized real-time order fulfillment. Optessa RTS combines powerful optimization, based on the Optessa sequencing and scheduling engine, with a real-time architecture.

The system is typically integrated with plant level MES / tracking / control systems and combines predictive optimization with tracking of upstream events.

Optessa RTS is capable of generating optimal scheduling/sequencing and routing decisions. Optessa RTS solutions have been demonstrated to be significantly superior to custom logic developed in MES systems or programmed into controllers like PLCs.

A typical application for Optessa RTS in the auto industry is the sequencing out of painted vehicle bodies from a WIP buffer, such as an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) or a lane bank. Optessa RTS generates optimal real-time sequences based on the buffer WIP and upstream tracking. These sequences are used to provide “what next” decisions for the vehicles for Final Assembly (Trim).

A similar application from the semiconductor industry would be a process stage requiring real-time scheduling and routing decisions. For example, at the photolithography operation FOUPs (enclosures holding silicon wafers) waiting processing in the buffer need to be routed to the appropriate tool, while considering constraints such as reticle availability. This involves routing decisions, “where next” for FOUP,
and scheduling decisions, “what next” for tool. Optessa RTS has the speed and flexibility to make these rapid decisions while integrated with the MES / RTD systems.