Optessa MLP: Planning, Demand-Capacity Matching, Master Production Scheduling, Slotting

MLP is Optessas Planning and Master Scheduling software

Optessa MLP is an enterprise wide multi-plant, multi-line and multi-bin demand and capacity planning and master scheduling software. Optessa MLP generates high quality, optimal plans and high level schedules for manufacturing companies at the level of:

  • A single plant
  • A region
  • Globally

Optessa MLP has been specifically developed for planning in a demand driven, volume manufacturing environment like the auto, power equipment, semiconductor etc. industries. Optessa MLP can be applied to a wide variety of problems variously described as planning or high level scheduling
problems in manufacturing companies.

In a general sense, Optessa MLP can be applied to a solution space that covers a large number of bin based constraints and large order sets.

Optessa MLP has the ability to generate the “guaranteed” optimal solution for planning problems, such as:

  • Selection of orders from an order pool to fill production capacity
  • Order Slotting / Master Production Scheduling of selected Orders
  • De-selection / reselection of orders from a previous plan to accommodate changes (in capacities, orders, supplier constraints, dealer orders)
  • Demand planning at product or part level
  • Demand-Capacity matching planning to meet parts & product inventories
  • Balancing & smoothing of orders across multiple plants and across weeks
  • Evaluation & bottleneck identification in a supply chain
  • Generate forecast orders to fill capacity of a planning bin
  • Selection of projects given capital & production constraints to optimize financial KPIs