Key Differentiator: Superior Graphics



Optessa products include extensive support for viewing, modifying and analyzing the solution through graphical interfaces.

Grid Browser

The Grid Browser is one kind of a graphical interface that enables viewing the entire schedule. The view is configurable by the user. The Grid Browser also provides the capability to make manual changes to the schedule, either for a single order or a set of orders based on specific attributes, and to evaluate the impact of the changes before committing the changes to the schedule.

Graphical interfaces showing Optessas interactive grid browser
Analytical Charts

Optessa products include an extensive library of built in analytical charts. These charts enable the user to evaluate the entire solution or drill down into specific areas of the solution – by attribute, rule or time. The bird’s eye view “general” category of charts can be used to quickly assess whether the solution is good or requires further analysis. Further analysis is facilitated by various other categories of charts. Below are a few examples:

Graphical interfaces showing Optessas chart browser with the inventory levels for one part and associated min and max levels