Optessa MLS: Detailed Sequencing and Scheduling

MLS is Optessas Detailed Sequencing and Scheduling software

Optessa MLS is Optessa’s advanced detailed sequencing and scheduling solution for a wide range of manufacturing industries.

In a highly competitive environment, manufacturers want to maintain and increase market share by controlling costs, improving throughput and reducing order to delivery lead time.Effective sequencing and scheduling can help meet all the objectives, which makes manufacturing sequencing / scheduling a process of strategic importance.

Optessa MLS is specifically designed to address the complex sequencing and scheduling requirements of manufacturing industries with product variety, large volumes and multiple lines/ plants. Optessa MLS generates high quality, near optimal sequences and schedules.

Optessa MLS has an established track record of enabling manufacturers to reduce order to delivery lead times, reduce inventories, and smooth production to fulfill each order while reducing manufacturing costs.

The quality and evenness of an Optessa MLS solution is vastly superior to a solution generated by other techniques. The Optessa MLS optimization engine  can generate a near optimal solution after considering all the rules and constraints. Based on modern optimization techniques and embodying patented algorithms, the computational engine optimizes the entire solution.

The quality of an MLS solution is evenly favorable without deterioration in the later part; hence there will be no uneven lumps at the end of each day or month. The following comparison of the sequencing of 1200 orders using Optessa MLS and a legacy system highlights the superiority of the Optessa MLS solution.


Detailed Sequencing And Scheduling

  Detailed Sequencing And Scheduling
                               Legacy System
                                                                Optessa MLS

The sequence generated by the legacy system is of uneven quality, and the constraint violation it generated are visible in the form of spikes in the chart. The Optessa MLS sequence has almost no spikes; moreover it is of an evenly favorable or smooth  quality.