Overview of comprehensive suite of products for optimized planning scheduling and sequencing in manufacturing industries



Optessa offers a comprehensive suite of products for optimized planning, scheduling and sequencing in manufacturing industries.

Optessa’s product suite includes

Optessa MLP – Enterprise wide demand and capacity planning and master production scheduling (MPS) application
Optessa MLS – Detailed scheduling and sequencing application
Optessa RTS – In-plant application for real-time re-sequencing and rescheduling

Optessa’s solutions have been designed to meet key business objectives of our customers. In a competitive environment, manufacturers want to fulfil orders on time while keeping inventories and costs low.
They also want to reduce order to delivery lead time and improve flexibility. To maintain a competitive advantage, manufacturers want improved accuracy of schedules and a reduction in time needed to generate those schedules.

Optessa solutions are powerful, complete yet flexible and evolve continually to meet the particular needs of our customers.

Optessa products are based on modern optimization technology and enable customers to model all rules and constraints and produce optimal / near-optimal solutions of even quality at high speed. They allow customers flexibility to adjust or change outputs and offer “what-if” capabilities so schedules/ sequences can be managed effectively.

  • Optessa MLP

    Optessa MLP is an enterprise wide multi-plant, multi-line and multi-bin demand and capacity planning…

  • Optessa MLS

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  • Optessa RTS

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  • Architecture

    The architecture of all Optessa products is web-based. A typical Optessa user will access the products …