Technology: World class technology that is unmatched – powered by a patented modern solver

Why is Optessa scheduling technology installed and used daily in nerve centers of some of the world’s largest manufacturers?

Because our solutions actually work. Our approach generates feature-based and capacity-based multi-plant plans and detailed schedules by considering:

  • Demand, usually in the form of sales orders, and unlimited attributes
  • Master data such as products/parts, routings, bills of material
  • Manufacturing, supplier and demand related constraints and restrictions

Effective and complete solutions matter. Partial solutions are as good as no solutions in the context of today’s large data sets and trade-offs. Optessa solutions are characterized by being:

  • Unmatched and best of breed
  • Patented algorithms
  • Fast – rapidly generated
  • Based on a comprehensive model
  • Tried and tested by Fortune 15 companies