Optessa is currently engaged in a pioneering effort to bring together the power of HANA, SAP’s in-memory database and Optessa’s powerful optimization technology.

Optessa has been successful in creating near optimal solutions for planning, sequencing and scheduling solutions for global auto OEMs. Optessa wants to respond to emerging business requirements in order to retain and grow the customer base and to maintain competitive advantage.

In the auto and consumer products manufacturing industries, there is increasing pressure to be flexible and reactive in terms of business processes. The ideal state would be:

a) Complete flexibility in order fulfillment: deliver each customer’s requirements on time, while
b) Maintaining business process stability: planning and scheduling based on forecasts to maintain stability to supply and value chains since instability would result in significantly increased costs.

Optessa sees new business opportunities in enabling and positioning MLP and MLS to meet this need. At present Optessa products, especially MLP and MLS are deployed in a batch environment. The new business challenges require on-demand planning and scheduling business processes.

Optessa products are built around a parallelized and in-memory architecture for on-demand and event Driven Planning and Scheduling Optimization. This enables dramatic speed ups, of the order of 66% to 90%, of the business process cycle time for planning and scheduling with Optessa products. It will also enable demand side / marketing use cases for manufacturers operating in a plan to forecast while ensuring fulfillment of each order.

One of the cases tested with Optessa on HANA refers to a large scale planning and scheduling process at a major auto company. Sales orders, numbering in the millions, relating to multiple plants and vehicle lines have to be assigned to build weeks. In addition to a large set of material, plant and labor constraints, the planner has to consider rules relating to dealer and regional allocations. These constraints and rules number in the tens of thousands. Initial tests have shown that Optessa MLP on HANA achieves significant reduction in lead time to generate the solution. Benefits include better quality plans and the ability to conduct multiple iterations in the same time frame. This leads to improved flexibility and lower costs.


Together, Optessa and HANA offer an optimal solution for manufacturers who deal with large amounts of data and yet need to optimize planning and scheduling of production. Optessa offers proven technology to model manufacturing environments at a high resolution and provides optimal solutions to complex planning and scheduling problems. HANA addresses the key challenge of marshalling big data from different sources and maintaining a live in-memory data model of the demand – manufacturing – supply chain. Optessa on HANA is a unique offering: it is on-demand optimization of live data models for the fast paced manufacturing environment.