Difference Between Planning and Sequencing/Scheduling

This difference is best illustrated by a picture.

Image showing the difference between planning and scheduling through order allocation to time bins versus sequencing of orders

In the example, planning consists of:

  • Selection of orders from a large pool of orders, and
  • Assigning the selected orders to a plant, P1 or P2, and
  • To a week, 40 or 41

The planning process is not concerned with the detailed schedule within a week for a plant.

The detailed sequencing and scheduling process then operates at a plant and weekly level.

  • Consider the orders assigned to plant P1 and week 40, and
  • Ensure that demand and supply chain constraints are satisfied
  • Apply the plant level rules and constraints
  • To derive the schedule for P1 – W40

Continue scheduling plant P1 and week 41. After completing plant P1 then schedule plant P2, in a similar manner.