Feb 09, 2021

Modern CTO Podcast | Episode #284 | Erwin Paes


Optessa CTO Featured on the Modern CTO Podcast with Joel Beasley

Erwin Paes spoke with Modern CTO Podcast host Joel Beasley on the intricacies of planning and scheduling in manufacturing, how Optessa's greatest strength is their people, and the near future of automated car manufacturing facilities.

"Each and every customer of ours has said that you are the best guys to work with."

"People are moving towards more automation - much like you see people moving to self-driving cars, the need will be a self-driving factory."

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About Optessa

Optessa is a leader in intelligent planning, sequencing, and scheduling optimization software with many successful implementations among top tier global manufacturers. Optessa products have wide applicability in industries as diverse as auto OEMs, suppliers, power equipment, electronics, semiconductor, mills; batch process industries such as food and beverage and paints as well as shipping and logistics. The company has offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Hazlet, New Jersey, USA and Goa, India. Optessa's leadership team combines deep expertise in software, mathematics, manufacturing, and optimization technologies with unmatched customer commitment. Optessa supports global deployment at more than 100 distinct manufacturing facilities and production areas. We also partner with industry leaders, Deloitte and Tech Mahindra, to further enhance our client support.

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