Optessa optimization technology can be applied to numerous high value use cases relating to logistics, spanning transportation and warehousing.


Optimal assignment of freight to routes, trucks, trailers, drivers and other auxiliary resources is a complex planning and scheduling exercise. By using Optessa MLS, shipping services companies and their customers can:
Reduce shipping costs by maximizing truck usage & eliminating excess resources and routes
Eliminate contractual & regulatory penalties by meeting all on-time delivery and minimum / maximum load requirements
Reduce inventories through “just in time” shipping
Improve flexibility and response to changes
Increase visibility & operate pro-actively by increasing planning horizon
Reduce overall effort in generating schedules by 90% or more
Additionally, the combination of Optessa technology on SAP HANA enables real-time re-optimization so that shippers can react “on the fly” to changing events.


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are increasingly common place in warehouses, with reduced operational and labor costs as the drivers. The use of Optessa RTS to manage the ASRS can additionally ensure a match between goods in inventory with the shipping schedules and reduce operational costs by optimizing ASRS actions. Further, parts can be distributed over the ASRS to make operations more robust against any failures, and power consumption can be reduced by optimizing the motion of the retrieval system.