Comprehensive Modeling for Process Industry Applications

In process industries, the manufacturing processes are complex, consisting of multiple stages with intermediate products, with continuous flows and tightly coupled stages.

large batch of pharmaceutical products being processed

Optessa delivers the optimal solution for these manufacturers through the use of:

  • Capability to model the blend of the batch & for continuous processing

  • High granularity of the solve with high reliability of the solution

  • Hierarchical model to support stage by stage scheduling needs

Comprehensive Library of Constraints addressing typical process industry requirements:

Attribute-Based Capacity Limits & Invalid Combinations

Capacity & Storage Restrictions

Changeover & Setup Times

Dynamic Batch & Lot Sizing

Inventory Policies & Limits

Sequencing Based on Attributes & Features

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Achieve Business Objectives:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Material Stability
  • Improved Order Fulfillment
  • Maximize Throughput
  • Reduce Order to Delivery Lead Time

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