Process Industries

Comprehensive Modeling for Process Industry Applications

In process industries, the manufacturing processes are complex, consisting of multiple stages with intermediate products, with continuous flows and tightly coupled stages.

pharmaceutical batch processing

Optessa delivers the optimal solution for these manufacturers through the use of:

Capability to model the blend of the batch & for continuous processing
High granularity of the solve with high reliability of the solution
Hierarchical model to support stage by stage scheduling needs

Real Results

4 million production cost savings

Savings / Year / Plant

10 percent increase throughput

Increase in Throughput

50 percent reduction in delivery lead time

Reduction in Delivery Lead Time

300 percent improvement in material stability

Improvement in Material Stability

Comprehensive Contraint Library

Attribute-Based Capacity Limits & Invalid Combinations
Capacity & Storage Restrictions
Changeover & Setup Times
Dynamic Batch & Lot Sizing
Inventory Policies & Limits
Sequencing Based on Attributes & Features


"Its an excellent system, because it is easy to use and we can see all the constraints at the same time."
Programmer Analyst
Enterprise Manufacturer
"Optessa is dynamic system and it's very easy to use. It adds a lot of value to our planning process."
Enterprise Architect
Global Fortune 100 Manufacturer

World leader in providing end to end solutions to the largest and most respected global brands.

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