Discrete Manufacturing

Optessa’s slotting and sequencing solutions have been designed for manufacturing companies with multiple plants and lines that produce a wide variety of products in large volumes:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Power Equipment
Discrete Manufacturing Auto Assembly Line Robot Weld

The Leader in Solving Complex Discrete Manufacturing Problems

Optessa has solved complex discrete production scheduling requirements for the world’s largest manufacturers over nearly two decades. Complexity arising from:

Diverse Product Configurations
External Pressure to Reduce Time to Market
Frequent Need for Product Changovers
Complex & Rapidly Moving Supply Chains

Real Results

4 million production cost savings

Savings / Year / Plant

300 percent improvement in material stability

Improvement in Material Stability

25 percent increase in selected orders

Increase in Selected Orders

10 percent increase throughput

Increase in Throughput

Comprehensive Constraint Library

On-Time Delivery through Make to Order or Make to Stock
Complex Topologies
Optimization Across Multiple Lines
Production Leveling
Attribute-Based Sequencing Maximizing Throughput & Minimizing Costs
Scheduling with Bias Stabilizing Material Requirements


"Throughout every step of the process, each Optessa contact has demonstrated a great depth of knowledge and professionalism. Their focus has always been and continues to be their customer."
Director of Operations
Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Manufacturer
"Excellent software. The Optessa system is a dynamic system and it's very easy to handle. It adds value to our planning and enables our production orders to be sequenced according to customer needs."
Production Scheduler
Tier 1 Auto OEM

World leader in providing end to end solutions to the largest and most respected global brands.

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