Complete Order Allocation Through APS Software

and Optimize 
the Order Allocation Process
Order allocation is a critical step in the fulfillment and supply procedure. Allocating orders from existing inventory or from production and assembly lines on a just-in-time basis used to be a difficult process fraught with potential error. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions do away with this difficulty, streamlining this phase of customer order fulfillment and delivery.
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Key Features
APS solutions feature smart tools that direct order allocation in the optimal way. The software assesses the requirements of a new order and then analyzes resource availability to identify how these requirements can be met. If inventory levels are sufficient, the solution fulfills the order from existing warehouse stock. If inventory levels cannot match the order requirements, the software generates production plans so the order is delivered in full.
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Real Results

Cost-Effective Order 

Manual order allocation can put your business at risk, as increased costs erode your bottom line. APS software eliminates these cost inefficiencies to maximize the rate of return on every order.

Strong Relationships with Partners Up and Down
the Supply Chain

Automated and optimized order allocation keeps customers and distributors supported and happy without fail. Meanwhile, planning and scheduling achieves reliable resource usage and inventory management so you can communicate your needs clearly to suppliers.
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A Smart Pathway to Efficient Order Allocation

The APS solution is intended to streamline every part of the order allocation process, leveraging automated tools that provide a clear pathway to better fulfillment protocols. Here's how this works:
The APS solution integrates with order platforms to assess allocation requirements. Personnel can manually input orders when required.
The solution draws upon inventory data to assess current order fulfillment capacity.
If production is required, the software generates plans and schedules to optimize the path to delivery.
Automatic tools implement order allocation, assigning relevant resources to the job.
Monitoring tools assess order progress on an ongoing basis, through to fulfillment and shipping.

Optimize Order Allocation with APS Solutions

With APS solutions on your side, order allocation becomes quick, easy, and cost-efficient. Let us know what you need today so we can get to work on the solution your business needs.
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