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Industry 4.0

Industry 40 Transformation Part 1

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution
It is not easy to pinpoint where one phase ends and the next one begins. Now it is being felt that there are bigger gains in efficiency, flexibility and reliability by achieving a synergy between various existing systems using technologies, like Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Big Data and Analytics, Computer Modeling, Cloud Computing, Mathematical Optimization.

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Planning and Scheduling 4.0
The defining characteristics of Industry 4.0 are Connected, Transparent, Proactive, Agile and Optimized [7]. P&S 4.0, as a vital component of Industry 4.0, also displays these characteristics.

Being Agile means responding to change in customers’ requirements or change in operating conditions. Being connected enables co-operation between systems.

Electric Vehicles

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Increased Complexity in Other Areas
The lack of an internal combustion engine does not necessarily make an electric vehicle a "simple" piece of technology. There are several components and features that add to the complexity of an EV, both in terms of its concept and its construction, including: a high-capacity battery, charging system, center console and numerous electronic accessories

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