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Episode Summary:
> Oil pump manufacturer experienced a myriad of issues when one of their main lines went out of operation unexpectedly

Pain Points Summary:
> Manufacturer failed to schedule preventative maintenance on their lines, resulting in an unforeseen issue knocking out a line for two weeks.

>The operation leader and team of schedulers spent two full days working to reallocate orders to other lines in the plant.

>Staff was unable to see the impacted orders and customers tied to the issue.

>Emergency shifts and overtime was utilized to extend the run times of other lines to make up for the line outage.
Episode Summary:
> Automotive OEM’s paint shop operation.

This automotive company has operations around the world but the paint shop operation I will be focusing on has ties to their vehicles produced in the eastern parts of the United States and western parts of Europe.

Pain Points Summary:
> The simplified problem statement was that they needed to paint their vehicles in the most efficient manner while considering time and material constraints.

> The complex problem statement and scope from the customer:
We need to properly sequence our paint shop operation which is tasked with painting upwards of 10,000 vehicles a week, some two-tone, while considering our utilization of paint, solvents, water, labor resources, and of course the dealer delivery dates where expedited shipping should be limited to reduce overall costs to the company.
Episode Summary:
>Metal fabrication provider wanted to make sure their top customer, based on revenue, was always given priority when sales input an order from them

Pain Points Summary:
> Sales dropped orders into the ERP and CRM systems at all hours of the day – typically after the 1st hour of shift one beginning
> Sales would promise a delivery date without consulting the planner
> Planning team would scramble to shift orders around based on the updates from sales
> Planning team would lose 3 days every time the customer was given priority
> Other customers would experience delays on delivery, without being provided with notice
> Company lost 30% of its customers in 2 years due to the issues with customer prioritization
The desire to grow and diversify is obviously fairly universal for marketers. The question is how do we break into a new vertical? John Buglino was on the show this week discussing just that. We discussed how he and Optessa are trying to write the stories about new verticals that tell their customers and partners what Optessa can offer them. As well as an ingenious way to use the trust system we have developed with our partners.
John Buglino, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Optessa, emphasizes the significance of identifying pain points, leveraging data for marketing efforts while targeting operations leaders in the enterprise manufacturing realm, and staying updated with industry trends.
Simplifying and Streamling Operations
In this conversation, John speaks about the moment companies realize there has to be a better way' with Supply Chain Now Co-hosts Scott Luton and Greg White.

Despite the expansion of technology, a significant portion of work is still done manually, often using spreadsheets. Not only is that slow and inefficient, it opens the door to unacceptably high levels of risk, even under the best working conditions.
The Best Kept Secret in Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Optessa Founder and CEO Ashok Erramilli discusses the power of data-driven analytics and the importance of achieving balance and stability in supply chain. 

We help manufacturers answer these three basic questions, which is, What do I make? Where do I make and When do I make? And we answer these questions, not by pulling some answers out of a hat. But with science, using optimization methods.
Modern CTO Podcast with Erwin Paes
On this episode of the Modern CTO Podcast - Erwin Paes discusses:
— The intricacies of planning and scheduling in manufacturing

— How Optessa's greatest strength is their people

— The near future of automated car manufacturing facilities.

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