Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes

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In this conversation, John speaks about the moment companies realize there ‘has to be a better way’ with Supply Chain Now Co-hosts Scott Luton and Greg White.

Despite the expansion of technology, a significant portion of work is still done manually, often using spreadsheets. Not only is that slow and inefficient, it opens the door to unacceptably high levels of risk – even under the best working conditions.

Optessa Founder and CEO Ashok Erramilli discusses the power of data-driven analytics and the importance of achieving balance and stability in supply chain.

We help manufacturers answer these three basic questions, which is, What do I make? Where do I make and When do I make? And we answer these questions, not by pulling some answers out of a hat. But with science, using optimization methods.

On this episode of the Modern CTO Podcast - Erwin Paes discusses:

  • The intricacies of planning and scheduling in manufacturing
  • How Optessa’s greatest strength is their people
  • The near future of automated car manufacturing facilities.

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