Event Panel Recordings

Event Panel Recordings

Sit back, relax, and hear from our leaders in these virtual panel events. Featuring:

  • Ashok Erramilli - CEO
  • Erwin Paes - CTO
  • Brad Baynes - Director of Products
  • Keith Dye - Principal Application Specialist
  • John Buglino - Director of Marketing

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Panel Discussion being hosted by Sarah Barnes-Humphrey of Let's Talk Supply Chain. Panelists consist of Askok Erramilli CEO, Brad Baynes Director of Products, and Keith Dye Principal Application Specialist of #Optessa.

Virtual Webinar in partnership with Supply Chain Canada

Utilization of planning and scheduling software will continue to assist electric vehicle manufacturers in achieving their goals around efficiency and profitability to spur widespread adoption of these vehicles.

Panelists consist of John Buglino Director of Marketing, Erwn Paes CTO, and Ashok Erramilli CEO.

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