Our Vision

Told by our CEO, Ashok Erramilli, hear about our vision, values, and how we continue to solve the unsolvable problems for our customers every day around the world.
We have this really horrible problem, but, I don't think you guys can solve it because others have told us that it can't be done.
But we've gone to them and we've solved unsolvable problems so this gives us tremendous confidence that we can solve your problem as well.

One challenge is that there are a lot of claims. Every vendor uses the same buzzwords. How do you separate one vendor's claims from another? Because of the flexibility and power of our system, we can set up a model that you can use relatively quickly. I do not think anyone else can do that. This removes a lot of the risk that people perceive.

Optessa is the best system for planning and scheduling. We use proven and patented optimization technology and we have already delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in savings to our customers. We would like to do the same for you.
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