Our Mission: Be the best at solving APS problems for manufacturers across every industry.

Founded: 2001 | First Implementation: 2003

A global leader within APS software providers, Optessa delivers the most comprehensive solutions by modeling any complex problem with mathematically guaranteed results.

20th Anniversary

About Optessa

Our leadership believes that manufacturing is a massive exercise in coordination across an entire supply chain. Our software provides a reliable foundation for that coordination in the most cost-effective way for your organization.

Headquartered in Edmonton Canada, with additional offices in New Jersey and India, Optessa provides manufacturers with a best-in-class software matched only by the commitment to customer service and support.

Edmonton Office

Edmonton, Canada (HQ)

USA Office

New Jersey, USA

India Office

Goa, India

Our leadership team combines deep expertise in software, mathematics, manufacturing and optimization technologies with unmatched customer commitment.

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