How to Effectively Implement Industry 4.0 in Your Organization

Today most production managers are participating in a race, whether they know it or not. It’s the race ...
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multi zone sequencing virtual flow line

Multi-Zone Sequencing

A New Approach to Sequencing Optimization Optessa MLS, versions 7.0 and beyond introduce multi-zone sequencing, a new approach ...
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Planning and Scheduling – A Key Enabler of Industry 4.0 Transformation

Industry 4.0 envisages a flexible network of connected Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), working autonomously and self-optimizing performance across ...
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A Tribute to Optessa’s founder Srinivas (Vasu) Netrakanti

Optessa is very much a realization of the vision of our Founder, Srinivas (Vasu) Netrakanti to provide high ...
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Why Are You Still Using Spreadsheets for Production Planning & Scheduling?

Problem Are you still spending time on spreadsheets ‘adjusting’ schedules? If so, you are not alone. Lora Cecere (‘Bumps, ...
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