Manufacturing Scheduling

The Power of ‘Fortune 15’ Production Scheduling in Any Sized Company

Manufacturing Scheduling is strategically important for manufacturers if they want to stay competitive and retain and increase market share. Optimal scheduling allows manufacturers to control costs, improve throughput and reduce order to delivery lead time. Production scheduling is complex and time consuming; and without an effective scheduling solution, it can quickly become an exercise in frustration.

Optessa has solved complex production scheduling issues for the world’s largest manufacturers for more than a decade. Our state of the art scheduling software produces near optimal, complete, real world solutions.

The quality and evenness of an Optessa solution is vastly superior to solutions generated by other techniques. The Optessa MLS optimization engine can generate a near optimal solution after considering all the rules and constraints. Based on modern optimization techniques and embodying patented algorithms, the computational engine optimizes the entire solution.

Optessa MLS offers you a scheduling solution that will enable you to achieve significant business objectives such as

  • Improved throughput
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased material stability
  • Improved order fulfillment

You can read case studies of how Optessa has solved complex sequencing problems in a variety of manufacturing environments here.

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