Manufacturing Planning

The Power of ‘Fortune 15’ Planning in Any Sized Company

For manufacturing planning applications Optessa goes well beyond where others stop. We are in a league of our own when it comes to producing manufacturing plans that can actually be followed and executed. Optessa specializes in producing optimal plans and schedules that are complete and of high quality.

Optessa has a unique approach to planning, distinct from traditional Sales & Operational Planning or MRP approaches. The approach considers all requirements and constraints relating to the demand, production and the supply chain to generate an optimal allocation of orders to planning bins. Optessa technology can be implemented in a complementary manner to S&OP or traditional planning systems.

The focus of our planning product is to address the customer’s planning and master production scheduling (MPS) use cases based on a complete model of the manufacturing environment. Problems that we have tackled include hundreds of thousands of sales orders, with millions of order-feature entries, and tens of thousands of constraints. Optessa produces plans that take all applicable factors into consideration whether originating from production, sales, suppliers, transportation or any other requirements. The result is a plan that can be executed without the need for endless iterations or interpretations.

So how do we differ? Optessa MLP does not merely load planning bins based on BOMs and lead times or broad capacities. We actually model all planning requirements and allocate orders to planning bins based on user defined attributes and all applicable rules as well as the detailed capacity related information of the manufacturing environment.

Optessa offers a comprehensive suite of products focused on optimized planning, scheduling and sequencing with a focus on manufacturing industries but also applicable to services applications. The reason for this is simple: our algorithms are superior and applicable to a wide range of problems.

You can read case studies of how Optessa has solved complex sequencing problems in a variety of manufacturing environments here.

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