Demand Capacity Matching

The Power of ‘Fortune 15’ Demand Capacity Matching in Any Sized Company

The Optessa approach to Demand Capacity Matching is superior to solutions from SCM (Supply Chain Management) or S&OP (Sales Operation & Planning) systems on the market. Optessa’s approach to Demand Capacity Matching is unique because we can quickly establish the feasibility of a demand plan by matching it against capacity and constraints to determine an optimal match between demand and capacity.

Production, staffing, material and a variety of other criteria need to be balanced in order to produce an efficient plan. Introducing demand side constraints only increases the complexity and difficulty of producing a realistic Master Production Schedule. Optessa’s unique capability will allow manufacturers to optimize the matching of demand and capacity. This will improve their production planning and scheduling dramatically.

Optessa not only offers a superior planning and sequencing/ scheduling solution, we also work in a complementary fashion to existing SCM or S&OP systems. Customers don’t need to go to the trouble and hassle of replacing existing systems: we will work with your existing systems but improve your planning significantly.

SO how do we differ? Optessa MLP does not merely load planning bins based on BOMs and lead times or broad capacities. We actually model all planning requirements and allocate orders to planning bins based on user defined attributes and all applicable rules as well as the detailed capacity related information of the manufacturing environment. Optessa MLP has been specifically developed for planning in a demand driven, volume manufacturing environment like the auto, power equipment, semiconductor etc. industries. Optessa MLP has the ability to generate the “guaranteed” optimal solution for Demand planning at product or part level and Demand-Capacity Matching planning to meet parts & product inventories.

You can read case studies of how Optessa has solved complex sequencing problems in a variety of manufacturing environments here.

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