OEMs: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles & All Assembled Products


Product manufacturers, such as Auto OEMs, have derived significant benefits by deploying Optessa’s products for:


The assembly line sequencing and scheduling problem is large and complex, as can be seen in the image below relating to the Auto industry. Optessa MLS can generate near optimal solution to these complex problems.

Interdependencies between plant customer orders dealers and suppliers for the auto industry resulting in complex assembly line sequencing requirements

Strategic benefits
  • Improved throughput
  • Align demand and delivery
  • Reduce order to delivery lead time
  • Reduce finished goods inventories at dealers and system
  • Fulfill each order: improve market share
  • Improved flexibility and reduced response times, allowing late commitments
Operational benefits
  • Evenly favorable solution that considers all rules and constraints
  • Reduced costs: e.g. paint purges
  • Improved FIFO conformance: reduced buffers of painted bodies
  • Constraint violations are smoothed and not bunched
  • Reduced parts and in-process inventories
  • Better synchronization with suppliers and feeder lines
  • Options / features smoothing and leveling (“Heijunka”)
  • Re-sequencing with a bias to stability
  • Improved accuracy and reduced sequencing process times