This is the era of Big Data in which the easy availability of cheap storage, high quality instrumentation and proliferation of social networking has motivated enterprises of every size to collect and accumulate exabytes of data. There is considerable value to be unlocked from all the collected data, but unless Big Data is complemented by suitable Analytics, this value will never be realized by the enterprise. Optessa has considerable expertise in advanced analytics (aka predictive or deep analytics) that can be applied to derive significant insights from large data sets. Optessa’s products process vast amounts of planning and scheduling data, and incorporate sophisticated analytics for reporting, as well as core optimization purposes. For example, a common deep analytics problem is one of fast pattern matching e.g., a data set with one or more templates which occurs in areas as diverse as bioinformatics and computer security. Optessa technology includes fast pattern matching algorithms that can be used to match and detect patterns in large data sets. Our partnership with SAP and support of the HANA platform allows us to scale solutions to the real-time analysis of very large data sets. Optessa can work with enterprises to deliver custom solutions for big data, based on our advanced analytics capabilities.