• Match Customers Orders To Dealer Inventory And Manufacturing Schedule In Real Time

    by Scott Young | Sep 17, 2015 | Technology & Capabilities


    Optessa MLS offers “real time order matching” capabilities to manufacturers and dealers. They can achieve greater customer satisfaction and more efficient movement of finished product inventory with Optessa’s real time order matching capability. This is a significant benefit Optessa can provide large product manufacturers and dealers, and they will see a return on investment from day 1.


    As an example let’s look at an auto industry transaction that occurs thousands of times every day: a customer walks into a dealership and requests a particular type of vehicle. The customer has a certain set of features in mind, such as model, color, interior and options such as rear view camera. The dealer may have this combination in stock, or they may check availability from another dealer or a distribution warehouse or they may have to order it from the manufacturer. There can be hundreds of such customer dealer interactions every minute.


    What Optessa’s order matching capabilities allow a dealer to do is to treat each customer request like an airline reservation request. After a customer enters itinerary details in an airline booking system, the system offers different choices at different prices and routes. Similarly, if a dealer enters a customer request, Optessa MLS will offer the dealer different options of how to fulfill the order and the time required to do it: it may be in the dealer’s inventory, other dealers may have it, it may be in a distribution center, or it may be in the schedule to be manufactured. The Optessa MLS computational engine has the capability to perform optimized matching in real-time based on an in-memory data model of the inventory at dealer(s), distribution centers and manufacturing schedules. The functionality includes locating exact and approximate matches and prioritizing the matches for presenting to the customer, as the image below illustrates.


    Image showing customer order matching to dealer inventory through Optessa real time order matching

    This allows both the manufacturers and dealers the ability to reduce the friction – and the cost associated with it – between what a customer wants and what the manufacturer has available or will make available. At present, customer orders placed at dealers are matched to and consume the schedules by batch business processes. A real-time order matching process would operate in a manner similar to an airline reservation system. Benefits would be faster inventory and schedule turnover and better order fulfillment.