• Improve Paint Shop Scheduling Efficiency With Optessa MLS Scheduling

    by Scott Young | May 11, 2016 | Supplier


    Products such as cars are available in an increasing range of colors. The paint shop schedule, hence, has to handle more colors, yet minimize the number of color changeovers. Every color change can cause throughput loss due to changeover time, increased costs for consumables and solvents, environmental issues due to release of volatile organic compounds and potential quality issues with every new paint batch.

    Also, paint shops have color sequencing rules, such as avoiding a white unit immediately following a red unit. Moreover, the production schedule has to balance paint shop rules with the requirements of other production stages in the plant. Legacy sequencing and scheduling systems cannot handle this challenge effectively.

    Optessa Solution

    The Optessa MLS schedule not only handles all paint shop rules but also applies all the requirements from other plant areas (and suppliers if relevant).

    For example, in the case below the Optessa MLS schedule showed a 29% reduction in number of paint changeovers by achieving a 38% increase in average paint batch size (run of the same color) as compared to the previous scheduling process. Assuming each paint changeover costs $100, the annualized saving from this factor alone can be estimated at $1.35 million.


    Chart showing achieved reduction in paint changeovers and increase in batch sizes for paint shop scheduling by Optessa