• Optessa Scheduling Enables On Time Deliveries

    by Scott Young | May 05, 2016 | Supplier


    A manufacturer of roof liners found it a challenge to ensure On Time Deliveries to the auto OEM plants. The roof liner plant consisted of 2 production lines producing about 50 distinct SKUs for different vehicle models and interior colors. Production cycle times vary by SKU and changing a model or color on a line requires setup time. Each order has an associated delivery date and time provided by the OEM.

    Legacy Schedule

    The existing scheduling process, which was mainly based on scheduling by due date, resulted in 58% late orders and 17% of the orders remaining unscheduled as shown below. Unplanned overtime was required to deliver all orders.

    Optessa Schedule

    For the same problem, Optessa MLS generated a schedule with 90% on time deliveries and no unscheduled orders by optimizing and reducing the number of setups – hence increasing production batch sizes without any added overtime.

    Optessa MLS also enables the user to apply an automatically generated smooth overtime profile – which, in this case, scheduled 100% of the orders on time and completely eliminated late orders, as can be seen in the chart below.

    Chart showing Optessas capability to achieve 100 on time deliveries versus 25 by legacy system