Ability to Promise Applications

A New Pathway to Delivery

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Ability to Promise apps offer a new way of doing things for your manufacturing business, improving customer relationships and supporting your operations management team through order fulfillment and delivery. In the past, you might have become used to Available to Promise applications — apps that respond to customer order requests and provide delivery dates based on material requirements planning (MRP) calculations or black box statistics. These apps were static, based on out-of-date info and data, and prone to inaccuracy.

With Ability to Promise, we are looking at something very different. Ability to Promise apps work in real-time, drawing upon up-to-the-minute data understanding to deliver real-time delivery estimates. This data is sourced from integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and material requirement planning (MRP) systems. This allows the app to utilize information relating to current resource levels, inventory data, and known bottlenecks and constraints. The result is a smart process that not only assigns a delivery date but also actively calculates the earliest possible date for the customer.

A fully integrated solution, Ability to Promise apps sit within your broader digital infrastructure. This means data can flow securely and swiftly across the network, enabling real-time results for customers. Customers don't want to wait around, and so delivering this kind of rapid response is a must as you work to augment their experience.

Key Features

Ability to Promise applications are built to implement a culture of real-time response into your workplace. Rather than keeping customers waiting, or disappointing them with inaccurate delivery estimates, the Ability to Promise methodology makes accuracy and timeliness a priority across each and every customer interaction.

Rather than relying upon historical data and future projections, this type of production planning application provides delivery dates based upon actual plans and schedules. This is a major point of differentiation with earlier ways of doing things. Available to Promise applications, for instance, required an element of guesswork and projection on the way to reaching their conclusions — conclusions that were often inaccurate.

Ability to Promise puts accuracy first thanks to real-time data processing, creating a service that users can really trust. This focus on trust and accuracy translates to happy customers. It will make you and your team happy too, as the technology can be used to support future operational efficiency by slotting orders into medium- and far-term schedules.

Real Results

Calculate the Earliest Delivery Time Possible for Your Project

Actively assess delivery times based upon real-time influences and factors, and then provide this information to your customer. Support increased choice for your customers by allowing them to choose the time that best suits them.

Advise Customers with Accuracy and Transparency

Get more from your customer relationships in the long term. Become the supply chain organization your customers can rely on by reducing delivery times and providing a fully accurate and transparent service every single time.

Achieve Ideal Outcomes Across All Projects and Customer Interactions

Ability to Promise removes the guesswork for customer delivery time calculations, leading to improved outcomes across each and every project and customer interaction. This puts a number of benefits within reach for businesses, including.

  •     Monitor supply chains in real-time
  •     Improve short-term and long-term planning 
  •     Reduce time to delivery for customers
  •     Improve decision making speed and accuracy
  •     Provide accurate delivery dates even during times of volatility
  •     Optimize financial key performance indicators (KPIs) on all projects
  •     Enhance customer relationships
  •     Build a strong brand reputation based on accuracy and timeliness

Leverage the Potential of Ability to Promise Applications Today

Let's get started. With an Ability to Promise focus, your business can do much more for your customers. Tell us what you need and let us get to work on the ideal solution for you and your business.

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