A Tribute to Optessa's Founder Srinivas (Vasu) Netrakanti

From Ashok Erramilli, CEO of Optessa:

‘We are in a period of unprecedented growth and opportunity for Optessa, something that Vasu foresaw. A value Vasu instilled in Optessa is to never let down those who put their trust in us – be it customers, co-workers or investors. Optessa will be guided by Vasu’s spirit, and bring his full vision to fruition.’

From Allan MacKenzie, Chairman of the Board of Directors:

‘Vasu was a remarkable man. He was deeply respected by his team, customers, and investors. For any company to lose such a man is a grievous loss. Yet, one measure of a manager is his ability to surround himself with excellence and develop those on his team to be independent leaders. In fact, the more exceptional the manager, the more capable the team is in surviving such a loss.

Vasu had such attributes. He had a quiet management style that allowed those reporting to him to take on responsibility and develop. He was focused on the quality of solution. As such, the Optessa solution is exceptional and now the de facto industry standard. Today, Optessa is an impressive growing company. It has sales around the world and has unsolicited interest coming from a wide variety of industries. A job well done Vasu – thank you.’