Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Deliver on Time.

Improve Throughput.

Stabilize Supply Chains.

Founded in 2001, Optessa stands for Optimization in Sequencing and Scheduling Applications.

Optessa's Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software helps enterprise manufacturers' to create complete and optimal solutions, and thus supports a key business process of S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) for manufacturing industries.

The software can model any manufacturing requirement, can be deployed quickly, and is a key enabler of your digitalization strategy.

How Can You Use Optessa?

We will help you meet any planning and scheduling need

Complete Order Allocation

Optimize Supply Network Costs

Match Plant Demand Capacity

Deploy Real-Time Buffers

Properly Sequence Assembly Lines

Schedule Molding Lines

Optimize Workforce Schedules

Blend Optimal Recipes

Trusted by some of the largest and most respected global brands.

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Optessa products have wide applicability in industries as diverse as automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, food & beverage as well as shipping and logistics.

Planning & Logistics General Manager

"Excellent experience. The Optessa system is a dynamic system and it´s very easy to handle. It adds value to our planning and enables our production orders to be sequenced according to customer need."

Director of IT

"Very well written software. Support is second to none. Never had a single bad experience with this company!"

Solutions Architect

"Throughout every step of the process, each Optessa contact has demonstrated the depth of knowledge and professionalism. Their focus has always been and continues to be their customer."

Our Dedicated Team is Committed to Your Success

Optessa is not only a world leader in intelligent APS solutions; we also have a track record of building long term relationships with clients. Here are some of the benefits Optessa offers:

Optessa's software considers the complete cycle and distributes quality throughout. Optessa has disrupted the traditional approach of APS with a modern and patented technology that produces the highest quality solutions.

You can count us on to deliver excellent, responsive service and support whenever you need it.

Optessa offers intelligent tools that provide the foundation for ongoing supply chain automation and streamline the process of adopting it in the future.

We work closely with our business users throughout the implementation and training process so our clients get the most out of our software.

With all of the features already built into the software, our team will work to have you up and running in as little as 90 days.

Quickly integrate with multiple sources, such as ERP, S&OP, or MES systems.

20 Years of Success

Let us show you how we can solve your most complex APS problems.