Optessa MLP: Planning, Demand-Capacity Matching, Master Production Scheduling, Slotting

MLP is Optessa’s Planning and Master Scheduling software

Optessa MLP is an enterprise wide multi-plant, multi-line and multi-bin demand and capacity planning and master scheduling software. Optessa MLP generates high quality, optimal plans and high level schedules for manufacturing companies at the level of:

  • A single plant
  • A region
  • Globally

Optessa MLP has been specifically developed for planning in a demand driven, volume manufacturing environment like the auto, power equipment, semiconductor etc. industries. Optessa MLP can be applied to a wide variety of problems variously described as planning or high level scheduling
problems in manufacturing companies.

In a general sense, Optessa MLP can be applied to a solution space that covers a large number of bin based constraints and large order sets.

Optessa MLP has the ability to generate the “guaranteed” optimal solution for planning problems, such as:

  • Selection of orders from an order pool to fill production capacity
  • Order Slotting / Master Production Scheduling of selected Orders
  • De-selection / reselection of orders from a previous plan to accommodate changes (in capacities, orders, supplier constraints, dealer orders)
  • Demand planning at product or part level
  • Demand-Capacity matching planning to meet parts & product inventories
  • Balancing & smoothing of orders across multiple plants and across weeks
  • Evaluation & bottleneck identification in a supply chain
  • Generate forecast orders to fill capacity of a planning bin
  • Selection of projects given capital & production constraints to optimize financial KPIs

Optessa MLP offers significant benefits over conventional planning systems because of its superior technology and the deep domain knowledge and expertise that have gone into its creation. Some of the key strengths of Optessa MLP are as follows:

Powerful Optimization Engine

Optessa MLP uses advanced mathematical optimization techniques to rapidly develop an assignment of demand to a plant / line bin and a time bin such that the resulting plan is guaranteed to be optimal. The time bins can vary from a day, to a week, to a month and even up to years.

The enhanced Optessa optimization engine speeds up evaluation of planning constraints.

Significant Improvements
  • Alignment of demand and delivery
  • Significant improvements in utilization of critical capacities: in-house and outsourced.
  • Significant improvements in satisfying sales and marketing requirements: regional allocations and dealer allocation rules
Optessa MLP Supports Re-planning and Rescheduling
  • Native support for “re-planning” and “rescheduling”
  • Supports core Optessa capability of maintaining bias during “re-planning”; for example, this enables material release stability across different planning cycles
  • Capability for manual adjustments and re-evaluation
Rapid, flexible, easy to use
  • Flexible data models
  • Rapid solution generation
  • Improved flexibility and reduced response times
  • Support of multi-plant, multi-period planning
  • Parametric report generation capability