Discrete Manufacturing: Power, Farm & Industrial Equipment, Consumer Electronics

Optessa MLS and Optessa MLP will deliver significant benefits to discrete manufacturers in industries such as:

  • Engines
  • Power Equipment: Lawn mowers / Generators / Pumps / Compressors
  • Work Tools
  • Fork lifts / Utility Vehicles
  • Appliances
  • Computers / Mobile Phones / Electronic Products


Relation OEM and suppliers in discrete manufacturing in industries ranging from engines to painted interior parts.

Scheduling with Optessa MLS at main assembly level
  • “Virtual line” setup balances requirements across multiple lines while optimizing both capacity and line capability.
  • Ability to set process times based on product and line for flex or line specific models.
  • Ability to adjust requirement due dates based on shipping lead time for multiple destinations which allows parts to be scheduled in order to minimize inventories.
  • Ability to minimize and smooth overtime usage across multiple lines based on optimal conditions and/or user specified shift preferences.
  • Capability to manage multiple constraint types that consider –
    • Inventory targets
    • Due dates
    • Changeover times
    • Production smoothing
    • Over time smoothing
    • Capacities
    • Ramp up / down plans
  • Customized scheduling process: for example, daily / weekly / monthly.
Scheduling with Optessa MLS at sub-assembly / parts level
  • Derive requirements from multiple sources including main / feeder line / service parts requirements.
  • Consider exceptional requirements such as special builds, service parts, and any other demand sources.
  • Manage multiple constraint types such as inventory targets, ramp up / down requirements, order due dates and build order preferences.
  • Manage fluctuating demand of main / feeder lines across available capacity by using inventory targets to maintain a smooth schedule.
  • Consider planned down time due to part change over / line setup, line efficiencies, scrap rates and part cycle times.
Benefits from using Optessa MLS for scheduling
  • Throughput and capacity utilization improvement
  • Tight synchronization of schedule with requirements
  • Schedule multiple lines simultaneously based on a “Virtual Line” set up
  • Optimal schedule based on actual operating conditions and constraints
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Overtime smoothing.
  • Better inventory management while maintaining delivery conformance
  • Improved accuracy and reduced scheduling process times
  • Reduce finished product inventories in the system: plants and dealers

Optessa MLP will provide effective and optimal solutions to planning multi-plant, multi-line operations. The system considers:

  • Forecast and actual orders
  • OEM requirements and allocations
  • Regional / dealer requirements and allocations
  • Demand prioritization
  • Production capacities
  • Material, plant and labor constraints
  • Supplier constraints for critical parts