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    Fortune 15 companies have benefited. So can companies of any size.

  • Why Optessa?

    Patented modern solver handles internal and external constraints to create complete solutions – MORE

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    Easy access; light on interaction and budget without compromising functionality – MORE

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    3. Obtain Optessa’s expertise at cost*
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Optessa Solution

  • Best-of-breed
  • Patented algorithms
  • Unique solving capabilities
  • Providing comprehensive solutions
Why is Optessa installed and used daily in nerve centers of some of the world’s largest manufacturers? Because our solutions actually work. Our constraint-based approach takes supplier, production and sales requirements into consideration and produces feature-based and capacity-based multi-plant order allocation and multi-line sequencing solutions. Effective and complete solutions matter. Partial solutions are as good as no solutions in the context of today’s large data sets and trade-offs.

Achieved Benefits

  • Improved on-time deliveries and order fulfillment with zero late and unscheduled orders through scheduling to inventory levels.
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  • Lean operations: feature wise leveled schedules result in leaner inventories.
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  • Material stability: react to supply/demand changes without disrupting production.
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  • Maximized throughput for multiple station flow shop with run rates varying by station and part.
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